Cesar Guerrero

Doctor of Dental Surgery

Dr. Guerrero trained at University of Texas Southwestern Medical School, Parkland Memorial and affiliated Hospitals, under Robert Walker, William Bell, Douglas Sinn, Bruce Epker and Larry Wolford. He has been in the Board of IAOMS, ACOMS, ALACIBU and SVCBMF, and member of the American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial since 1992. He is actually the Scientific Director of the LatinAmerican Society of Craniofacial Surgery, and belongs to the European Craniofacial Associations of Craniofacial Surgery. Dr Guerrero edited a book on Zygoma Implants, based on the widest experience in treating severe bone loss, with over 1,600 implants and 14,000 standard implants inserted, P-I Branemark, the creator of osseointegration and today’s dental implants wrote the preface for his book. He also edited a book with William Bell on Distraction Osteogenesis of the Facial Skeleton to share the experience with different distraction devices, some of which he owns
patents; a particular chapter on Alveolar Distraction and dental implants based on Martin Chin’s principles is worldwide recognized. The book has been translated into 4 languages.

He has 110 scientific publications between articles, book chapters and graduation thesis and has lectured in 6 continents on Dental Implants, Orthognathic and Reconstructive surgery. He has received several award including surgeon of the year by the American College of Oral and
Maxillofacial Surgery, Dr Harry Archer and delivered the presidential lecture Kurt Thoma in 2016. He also presented the presidential lecture for the Cleft Lip and Palate Foundation in Seychelles Islands in 2012.

He held a teaching position in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery at Central University of Venezuela and University of Texas Medical Branch, Galveston. He also received residents from Baylor College of Dentistry, Dallas, Georgetown University, Woodhall Hospital, New York and UMDNJ, New Jersey in his private practice to complete their training in Orthognathic Surgery. He is a journal reviewer for JOMS, JIAOMS, TripleO and Annals of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery.Dr Guerrero has performed wide research in zygoma implants, new designs, found innovative indications and completed long term follow-up on his patients. He is publishing with Dr Enif Dominguez, University of Kentucky, the algorithm to treat maxillary deficiency and will lecture in the National Oral Surgery, AAOMS meeting on the topic.Dr Guerrero grandfather, Bartholomew Barros DDS, his uncle Jose Barros Saint-Pasteur MD DDS and himself dedicated their lives to oral and maxillofacial surgery from dental extractions, alveolar remodeling, reconstructive surgery and prosthetic rehabilitation.