Our oral surgeons and team are dedicated to helping you maintain excellent oral and overall health. We offer oral pathology to detect and diagnose any dental problems or developing abnormalities as early as possible. When you visit our office, our oral surgeons and team will examine your mouth for any changes in your oral health and appearance as well as other abnormalities that may indicate a pathological issue. The most serious condition we will check for is oral cancer, but we may also detect oral diseases such as mumps, odontogenic infection and salivary gland disorders. These conditions are much easier to treat and have a higher chance of successful treatment when diagnosed early.

Common signs that may signal a pathological process or cancerous growth include:

Our oral surgeons may use several diagnostic techniques and tools, including radiographic imaging, microscope examinations, biochemical examinations and other in-office examinations. Please contact our office for more information about oral pathology and to make an appointment.